Getting harder to reach.


Panel 1: The door to the maintenance closet is blown off by the resulting explosion.

Panel 2: Heather looks at the damaged door that’s been thrown to the ground.

Panel 3: Heather peers inside; a hole has been blown into the wall, adjacent to the sealed-off zone.

Heather: I figured it out.

Panel 4:

Triss: Don’t scare me like that!

Panel 5:

Triss: You could have—

Phoenix: Oh, She’s fine! I probably would have done the same thing.

Quizzik: Heather, can you maybe warn us next time?

Panel 6: Heather climbs through the hole she created. She hears bits of their conversation on the other end, but mostly static. “Don’t–” “Probably—” “Warn—”

Heather: Hold on. Things seem to be a bit out of—

Panel 7: She sees another figure in a suit on the catwalk above her.

Heather: Sync?