Ground Fault is a Quake map made in a timeframe of just under 48 hours, for SM227 – Thunderbolts and Lightning. It introduced a set of new power-ups: mini versions of the Quad Damage, Biosuit, and Pentagram, and was built around just one idea: the map needs to include a Thunderbolt (lightning gun).

I started by choosing the cr8 texture set for the map, since I felt it suited the Thunderbolt theme with its electric-themed switches and panels. It also features a lot of grimy metal, which I thought fit some ideas I had around gameplay with water, primarily coupling the lightning gun’s discharge with the mini-pentagram.

Screenshot from Quake, using the cr8 texture set.
View of the main hallway, complete with the Thunderbolt.

I also made some attempts to integrate a fair amount of verticality once more, with multiple walkways stacked on top of each other in the main hall. Overall, I think it came together nicely given the time involved. The only thing I wish I could have done more of was tighten up the combat, especially in the last room.

There are 9 maps in total in the pack, with my personal favorites being A Marshmallow Dream, The Lightning Lock, and Frankenstein or Supersham-bler.