I have a new very small map that was made over the course of 2 days for the Vanilla speed mapping event, hosted by Zigi, titled Tangled Monopole. It contains simplified versions of a couple spots in the recent chapter of Center World.

Screenshot from Quake.

Truth be told, this is actually a remake of a map that I made when I was first learning how to do anything for Quake. It’s been rebuilt from scratch, mostly to fit within the limitations of the event, and also to correct mistakes I made early on. I also compiled it without alpha keys on liquids, and with lower resolutions on light and shadow for an extra-chunky feel.

This has resulted in a lot of interesting maps, including one themed around Dune, complete with a view of the planet and a sandworm, lovingly rendered with Quake’s original texture set.

It is now available for download on Slipseer.