That’s it for this chapter! Next up, there will be a (hopefully) short pause, and then an epilogue capping off the rest of the story.


Panel 1: Heather finishes dressing Shen’s leg in a medical station room.

Heather: What was your plan for getting back?

Agent Shen: There will be a shuttle. I’m sure it’s already on its way.

Panel 2:

Heather: For both of us, or was it just for you?

Panel 3:

Agent Shen: It was just for me, but there’s an extra seat if you’re willing to go through a debrief.

Panel 4: Heather wraps tape around the leg of Shen’s suit, sealing it with a “snap” noise.

Heather: How long do you plan on keeping me?

Agent Shen: Just around for a few questions.

Panel 5: A shuttle is flying in.

Agent Shen (continued): And maybe a written report. I’m sure you can handle that.