Investigating air leaks.


Panel 1:

Heather: I’m guessing this means all the warning messages I saw earlier are really not a good sign.

Panel 2:

Phoenix: No. Probably not. and if that thing’s allowed to dissipate, well… you’re not hearing from home for a good long while.

Panel 3: Heather approaches a sealed vault door.

Heather: A dead end.

Phoenix (via radio): I’m sure there’s something around to release the lock for rescue crews.

Panel 4: Heather tries the adjacent closet door.

Panel 5: Inside are multiple canisters and valve. Two dead soldiers lie on the floor. One’s head is gone.

Panel 6: Heather steps over the bodies.

Heather: Feel free to cover your eyes.

Panel 7: She examines a crack in the wall, sliding her right hand across it. With her left, she releases the velcro of the pocket on her suit.