Panel 1: She presses her fingers together, and the call is answered (b-doop!).

Panel 2:

Heather: He- Hello?

Voice on the Other End: Oh good! It worked!

Panel 3:

Heather: Triss?! No one told me this suit had a radio in it…

Panel 4: Triss is seated at a table onboard the Eternal Blue with Phoenix and Quizzik seated behind her.

Triss: Phoenix held onto the helmet’s serial number! We thought he could help out in some way since he used to work their labs.

Panel 5:

Triss: Did you — uh — see Shen?

Panel 6: Heather continues through the room with the dead scientists left behind. “WARNING” appears on the monitors behind her.

Heather: Yeah. We talked.

Panel 7: She walks past two posters on the wall. One says, “CAUTION: Potentially extreme time gradients.” The other is a notice about compensation of overtime.

Heather: We split up.