What did you see?


Panel 1: Agent Shen walks up to the door & punches a number into the keypad.

Panel 2: He opens the door.

Panel 3: He takes a peak. His ocular implants spring to life with red lines displayed.

Panel 4:

Agent Shen: Things are about to get very strange.

Heather: No shit?

Agent Shen: Agent, we are dealing with events beyond anyone’s current understanding.

Panel 5: There is a close-up of Shen’s face, his implants glowing in the dim red light.

Agent Shen: There are no right tools or protocols for this!

Panel 6: He takes a moment to think.

Panel 7:

Agent Shen: The base is a series of interconnected rings. we can do a sweep in opposite directions and meet again in the middle. Then, if either of us encounter anomalies, the mission can continue.