Preview of the Quake map, Upright in Blue, showing the lobby area of the office building.
The Office Lobby

Upright in Blue is another Quake map, this time built on Arcane Dimensions. I put it together roughly over two weeks in total for Explore Jam 3. As such, the map doesn’t feature any combat, and instead focuses on exploration and collection of secrets (in this specific case, company memos).

It’s based on the locations seen at the start of Center World, Chapter 7, when Heather visits Darzi at Calgary Gate. This time, the building is explored at night, when it is (mostly) empty. However, you will learn that someone is aware of your presence.

The jam as a whole is quite varied, with a lot of sink your teeth into. Simon “Sock” O’Callaghan has contributed two maps, in addition to the start map, which itself is filled with puzzles to solve and much to explore. Aesopolis’ contribution, Nook of the Earth, is one of my personal favorites, that I also highly recommend checking out!

Some of these maps will cause Quakespasm to crash. It is recommend to play with VKQuake or Ironwail.

Download Explore Jam 3, now released on Slipseer.