I’m working on a little bit more of a buffer before I post more comic updates, since I want the next few pages to appear closer together!

Meanwhile, I’ve put together a couple more Quake maps over the course of the past few months. One is yet to be released, since it is part of a larger map pack, but is complete. The other has been released over the weekend, as part of Dog Jam, a fun little project with a restriction on using just the rottweiler.

The map is titled Licked Clean. You are stripped of your weapons and fed to the dogs in a metal dungeon.

Screenshot of Quake, previewing the gateway (in the shape of a dog's mouth) and a green armor pick-up.

The custom models by Kebby really elevated this to something a little more fun and unique; however, I do think the concept was somewhat under-utilized, where I wish more people joined in. All-in-all, this was a neat piece to practice with.

You can find and download Dog Jam on Slipseer.