A view of the "market" from cs_italy, ported to Quake.
Aerial view of a “market.”

I had to let my drawing hand heal some after a small injury last week. Since I still wanted to do something creative with my time, I put together another map for Quake, this time for a speed mapping event. It’s titled Lost in the Sauce.

It’s a remake of cs_italy (Counter-Strike: Source), with some added Quake flavor for single player, along with some small extra added areas that I felt could exist within the original map. I ran right up to the wire with the time limit, so I had to rush a couple of sections, but I’m pretty happy overall with how this one turned out!

A more recognizable point of view from cs_italy, ported to Quake.
A more recognizable point of view for cs_italy.

You can download it with the Quad Run II map pack over on Slipseer.

A few of my personal favorites in the pack are Get Digging! by Pinchy, The Dissolution of Mind & Matter by Repator, and Dances with Quads by Mazu.