I have a new map for Quake out, this time as part of FireBlu Jam! It’s a small Runic themed map that I planned and put together over about 2 days.

As is the case with Doom’s fireblu texture, this jam is full of alternating red and blue textures, and at times, flashing lights.

Overall, there are some maps with some really smart use of these textures. Of particular note is Fire Is Raging Eagerly. Blu Lingers Underneath. by IceColdTofu, FIREBLU Infestation by Avix, and Rottensweet by Adib Murad.


This map has also been updated to better support co-op play (along with the rest of the pack). Also, if you have issues with photosensitivity, there is an alternative version in the Slipseer discussion tab that does without the animated red-blue texture.

Trailer by Common Cold