It’s been a while!

I mentioned this in the comments for my latest comic page: I’ve been busy! I’ve ended up with my own house, so my life’s been consumed with furniture shopping, rearranging things, and figuring out how things are supposed to work out. As a result, I’ve had to take a break from updating the comic. I’m slowly getting back to it, now that I’m settled in again, and I hope to post some new pages soon once I feel comfortable with a small buffer.

In between all of that, I’ve also taken to dabbling in some new things lately, including mapping for Quake after discovering Trenchbroom. This isn’t my first experience with game development or mapping, but it is my first experience doing anything like that in a true 3D space! The result is my first completed map, Rancid Retrofit, which was created as part of Sewer Jam 2.

It’s a Rubicon 2 themed map, and has a few fancy tricks going on, thanks to the Alkaline mod, such as working ladders and rising water. There are also new enemies that don’t exist in regular Quake.

If you’re not familiar with Alkaline, I definitely recommend checking out the page and playing the mod’s campaign. Of course, you’ll need a source port, and the .pak files in the id1 folder from the original Quake game to play.

Sewer Jam 2 on Slipseer.