Center World

Center World is an ongoing comic series started in 2012 about a woman named Heather Kobrick who decides to leave Earth to become a private security agent. Being so far from home, she has to form new friendships and learn to adapt to unfamiliar landscapes.

Things are complicated by being made a clone, like all other humans on the planet, since faster-than-light travel in the traditional sense remains undiscovered.

The Author

Ryan currently works as a graphic designer & illustrator out of Layton, Utah.

Phoenixan was a longtime character & username. The domain was originally created to host an indie game of the same name, but the project was abandoned in favor of focusing on art, stories, and comics.

For additional works & updates, Ryan can be followed as RecycledOJ on Instagram, Twitter, and DeviantArt. As Phoenixan on theĀ Mastodon art instance.